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**Title: Keeping Up with DVSA: A Driver CPC Legislation Rollercoaster!**

2023 - Digital Tachograph Data Sharing
DVSA introduced secure data sharing for smart tachographs, ensuring seamless information exchange among stakeholders.

2022 - Vision and Hearing Standards
DVSA updated vision and hearing standards, prioritizing driver safety and medical fitness.

2022 - Online CPC Training Expansion
DVSA expanded online CPC training options, giving drivers more flexibility in completing their mandatory courses.

2021 - Digital Tachograph Card Changes
DVSA streamlined digital tachograph cards, improving drivers' access to crucial data and simplifying administration.

2020 - COVID-19 Flexibilities
DVSA introduced temporary CPC flexibilities during the pandemic, allowing drivers to meet requirements despite training disruptions

2019 - CPC and EU Exit Preparedness
DVSA supported drivers with CPC and EU exit information, keeping the industry informed during uncertain times.

2018 - Driver CPC Periodic Training Updates
DVSA refined periodic training requirements, enhancing drivers' skills and knowledge for safer roads.

2017 - Smart Tachographs Introduced
DVSA embraced smart tachographs, boosting road safety with real-time data on driver activities and compliance.

2016 - New Tachograph Rules
DVSA unveiled fresh tachograph rules, ensuring accurate recording of drivers' working hours and rest periods.

A Comedic Chronicle of CPC: Our HGV Laughter Revolution!

**March 2019 - Introducing the Comedy CPC Revolution!**
We kick-started our laugh-out-loud journey in March 2019, reinventing Driver CPC training. Our instructors became comedic trailblazers, impressing the DVSA with their knowledge skills and fabulous behaviors!

**July 2019 - HGV Humor Hits the Highways!**
As the sun blazed through July, so did our hilarious HGV banter. The DVSA applauded our informative wit, knowing that the HGV industry deserved entertainment alongside essential information.

**November 2019 - A CPC Comedy Gala!**
With November came our star-studded CPC Comedy Gala. Our trainers took the stage like seasoned comedians, dazzling the DVSA with their expertise wrapped in humor.

**January 2020 - Unmasking CPC Superheroes: The Origin Story!**
The new year unveiled our CPC superheroes, armed with funny anecdotes and unparalleled skills. The DVSA watched in awe as they conquered the compliance world, one laugh at a time!

**April 2020 - Lockdown Laughter: The CPC Antidote!**
Amidst the lockdown gloom, our online CPC training brought joy to drivers nationwide. The DVSA couldn't help but applaud our creativity, keeping drivers engaged during challenging times.

**Title: A Hilarious Journey through Driver CPC: A Year-by-Year Laughter Ride!**

**August 2020 - Virtual CPC Fest: Laughs from Afar!**
We hosted the first-ever virtual CPC festival, bringing comedy to screens across the UK. The DVSA recognized our innovative approach, making learning as entertaining as it is informative.

**December 2020 - Merry CPC-mas: Festive Jollity!**
December sparkled with festive cheer as our trainers donned Santa hats for CPC-mas! The DVSA was thoroughly entertained, celebrating the spirit of CPC knowledge and merriment.

**March 2021 - CPC Stand-Up Smackdown!**
Our instructors brought their A-game for a hilarious stand-up showdown in March. The DVSA awarded us the belt for blending humor with essential CPC training.

**June 2021 - Hazard Perception: The Comedy Edition!**
June saw us release our comical hazard perception sketches. The DVSA was amused as we turned serious scenarios into laughter-packed learning experiences.

**September 2021 - Comedy Convoy Takes the Wheel!**
The Comedy Convoy rolled through September, teaching essential CPC topics with a dose of hilarity. The DVSA gave us a green light, impressed by our unique teaching style.

December 2021 - CPC Comedy Academy Graduates!
We graduated a new batch of CPC Comedy Academy geniuses, ready to sprinkle the industry with laughter. The DVSA applauded our efforts to spread mirthful CPC wisdom.

February 2022 - HGV Driving: The Ultimate Comic Odyssey!
With February came the grand finale of our hilarious HGV odyssey. The DVSA awarded us a standing ovation for revolutionizing the world of Driver CPC training.

Join us as we continue our side-splitting journey, spreading laughter and invaluable knowledge throughout the HGV industry. The DVSA cheers us on as we navigate the road ahead, delivering top-notch CPC training with a fabulous sense of humor. Hop on board, and let's drive towards a future filled with smiles and compliance!

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